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A network of Multi-Cultural Technological Incubators in Sweden

Index: Support, Activities, Results, Project Description, Reference Material, Media & Research Coverage

The project brought Sweden for the first time in contact with the Israeli technological incubators and their knowledge and experience of how to enable technological entrepreneurship among immigrants/refugees. The project resulted in a national discussion in Sweden concerning immigration and entrepreneurship with several bills to the Swedish parliament, proposing that Sweden adopts a system inspired by the israeli Technological Incubators.

The project has  received support from The Academy of Engineering Sciences - IVA/Connect, The National Office for Integration (Integrationsverket) and The University College of Karlskrona/Ronneby together with the Ministry of Industry and trade.

In this project we have

** Spent half a year working with the israeli technological incubators, accumulating knowledge and experience, both in individual incubators and in the national management of the system.  Established cooperation with Israeli expertise - incubator managers, the office of the Chief Scientist and venture capitalists
** Identified and initiated discussions with potential hosting organisations who are interested in building technological incubators in Sweden. Identified and initiated discussions with potential national and international investors and commercial strategic partners
** Delivered a report to the government and our other financiers. Proposed a method for establishing multicultural technological incubators
** Initiated a public discussion in Sweden through, lectures, media exposure, arranging & hosting delegations etc.

We have achieved

** Broad publicity in Sweden making the Israeli incubators a well known concept across the nation. Initiating a Swedish discussion concerning immigration and entrepreneurship.
** Political support for the ideas - bills to the parliament from the Moderate party, the Left party and project support from the Social Democrat government.
** Publicity for Sweden in Israel. Establishing Swedish presence in the Israeli high-tech community.

Project Description
The aim of the project is to create a Swedish network of technological incubators for cultivating promising entrepreneurship and innovation, regardless of personal professional and ethnical background. The network of  incubators will broaden the way for global entrepreneurship in Sweden by creating succesful companies, influence rules and routines in the Swedish society and making it easier for immigrants to do business, as well as promote a positive attitude towards immigration - as a source of  new ideas and productivity.

The Israeli network of Technological Incubators identifies and transforms individual innovators, often newly arrived immigrants from the former Soviet Union, into entrepreneurs. The innovators contact the incubators with an idea for a Hi-Tech export product. The incubator can then help them start a company and over a two year period supply them with all the administrative and logistical support they need. This includes help with marketing and business development. The transformation from innovator into entrepreneur takes place through a hybrid of education, training and apprenticeship.

Reference Material

Read the bills to the Swedish Parliament in 1999, proposing national support of the project.

Read the report to the National Office for Integration (Integrationsverket), concluding the depth study in Israel and suggesting  how to build multicultural incubators in Sweden (in Swedish)

Read our report from August 1998 (in English) published as a chapter in a book by the Swedish Office of Science and Technology (STATT - Sveriges Tekniska Attachéer): Kunskapsutbyte i nätverk. Forskning och utveckling som tillväxtmotor, volym I (1998):

Media & Research coverage (including links to scans & documents):

* Ha'aretz 3/1 1999 
(Internationally most trusted daily newspaper in Hebrew, 65 000 copies)

 Swedish Incubator (in Hebrew)

* Göteborgsposten 20/1 1999

Företag i kuvös på försök
(New companies tested in incubators)

* Dagen 26/1 1999

Ny modell ger invandrare jobb
(New model gives immigrants jobs)

* Ny Teknik 11/99 
(Largest weekly magazine for engineers, 147 000 copies - editorial page debate article)

Invandrare i kuvös löser våra problem
(Immigrants in incubators solve our problems)
(HTML text version in Swedish here)

* Expressen 18/5 1999
(Largest daily newspaper,  327 400 copies)

Företagarnas BB - Recept för Sverige, picture & article and a translation in English

* Dagens Industri 19/6 1999 
(Largest daily business newspaper, 110 200 copies - 4th largest in Europe)

Page 1 - Superentreprenör på Sverigevisit (Superentrepreneur visits Sweden) 
Page 9 - 'Kuvös' får bolagsidéer att utvecklas
('Incubator' makes business ideas develop - translation in English)

*Globes 26/10 1999 
(Daily business newspaper in Hebrew,  )

Sweden builds Technological Incubators according to the Israeli Model (in Hebrew)

* Dagens Industri (Debatt) 18/11 1999 
(Largest daily business newspaper, 112 800 copies - 4th largest in Europe)

Sverige borde lära av Israels företagskuvöser (Sweden should learn from the business incubators in Israel) 

* MBA Thesis Jan 2000 by Henrik Jansson and Per Sundström from the International School of Economics in Jönköping (Winner of best MBA-thesis award 2000 by Öhrlings Price Waterhouse Coppers and the International School of Economics in Jönköping)

The new money machine of the entrepreneurs- a study of the influence of the  principal-agent problem on the relation between venture capitalists and incubator companies (thesis in Swedish in pdf-format)

* Debate book Oct 2000 by Maria Rankka

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